• A stunning two-story house with a garage and a balcony, set against a blue sky and green grass. The house is white with black accents and a gray roof. The garage door is gray and the front door is black. The balcony is on the second floor and has a black railing. The house is in a suburban neighborhood, surrounded by trees and other houses. The house looks spacious, modern, and inviting.

    House Full Renovation

    Ready for a total home makeover? Our house full renovation service is your ticket to a dream space that mirrors your lifestyle. From living room to bedroom, we collaborate with you at every step. Let's turn your house into the haven you've always imagined!

  • A luxurious studio with a king-sized bed, a desk, and a TV. The room has large windows with sheer curtains and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The floor is made of hardwood and there is a rug under the bed. The room looks spacious, elegant, and inviting.

    Condo Full Renovation

    Elevate your condo living experience! Tour De Force Construction transforms condos into stylish sanctuaries, perfectly tailored to your taste. Our professional touch ensures that every inch of your space reflects your personality. Imagine the luxury of a revamped condo—let's make it a reality!

  • A modern and luxurious basement with a gray color scheme and gold accents. The room has a large gray sectional sofa with a white coffee table and a gray rug. There is a large flat screen TV mounted on the wall with a white console below it. The room has a large window with sheer white curtains. The room has a gold chandelier hanging from the ceiling. There is a white vase with green plants on the coffee table. The room looks spacious, elegant, and inviting.

    Basement Full Renovation

    Unleash the potential of your basement! Whether it's a family hub or an entertainment zone, our basement renovation service brings your vision to life. With creativity and expertise, we'll turn the often-overlooked space into something extraordinary. Picture a basement that wows—let's create it together!

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  • A modern living room with an open kitchen and staircase in the background. The living room has a beige sofa, a round coffee table, and a patterned rug. The kitchen has white cabinets and a large island with a sink. The staircase is white with wooden steps. The room has recessed lighting and large windows with sheer curtains. The color scheme is mostly neutral with some pops of color from the rug and accessories. The room looks spacious, elegant, and inviting.


    Ready to transform your interiors? Our renovation experts craft personalized designs that breathe life into your home. From cozy living rooms to functional home offices, we're here to make your spaces uniquely yours. Imagine the possibilities—let's bring them to life!

  • A rooftop patio with modern furniture and a view of the city skyline. The patio has a black and white color scheme with black wicker furniture and white cushions. There are two cabanas with sheer white curtains on the right side of the photo. The patio is decorated with string lights and potted plants. The background consists of a view of the city skyline with tall buildings and a blue sky. The patio looks spacious, elegant, and inviting.


    Boost your curb appeal with our exterior renovation services! We turn your house into a stunning masterpiece that captivates from the outside in. With attention to detail and a keen eye for design, let us elevate your home's first impression. Imagine the compliments—let's make it happen!

  • A modern kitchen with white cabinets, a large island, and pendant lighting. The kitchen has a large island with a sink and a fruit bowl on it. The island has two black bar stools with white seats. The kitchen has white cabinets and a gray backsplash. The kitchen has pendant lighting hanging from the ceiling. The kitchen has a large window with natural light coming in. The kitchen has a wooden floor. The kitchen looks spacious, elegant, and inviting.


    Ready for a kitchen that's both functional and stylish? Our kitchen renovation service caters to your culinary needs while reflecting your taste. From modern aesthetics to timeless designs, we bring your dream kitchen to life. Imagine cooking in a space you love—let's make it sizzle!

  • Bathroom

    Transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat! Our renovation experts create bathrooms that balance functionality with a touch of luxury. From contemporary designs to timeless elegance, we tailor your space to meet your needs. Imagine unwinding in your dream bathroom—let's make it a reality!

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